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Artificial Intelligence to Be Used in Data Centers

If you're not talking about AI, what are you talking about? It has touched every industry, and is capturing everyone's interest whether by fascination or speculation. In the article attached below, "AI Means More Data Centers, But It Can Also Make Them More Efficient" a discussion takes place regarding the pros and cons of using AI to temperature control Data Centers, an integral part of running a data center effectively. We here at ARC found that even more fascinating, since there are data centers being built all around the Metro Atlanta area, including a massive complex T5 is looking to develop on 200 acres in Coweta County by 2030. What are your thoughts on AI? Does it excite or fright you? Leave a comment below, and of course give us a follow to stay in the know of what is happening in and around Atlanta Commercial Real Estate.

Read the full article here-

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